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Edge Banding

Acrylic edge bandings are acrylic PMMA Edge Bands. A well-established high-grade thermoplastic, it is suitable for use in areas of high wear and tear, as scratches and pressure marks can easily be rectified by rebuffing.
Solid Colors Edge Bands from Yongsinyi, if applied correctly, can offer a seamless transition between edges.
PMMA is available from our standard stock range and special production facilities in a varied range of colors, thicknesses, and widths.

Edge Banding:

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Item:Edge Banding / PMMA Edge Band
Color:• Standard colors
• Customized colors (higher MOQ)
Material:Acrylic (No ABS) / Co-extrusion (ABS coating PMMA)
Standard Thickness:1.0MM/1.2MM
MOQ Standard Colors:5600M

Yongsinyi can introduce you to edge banding machine manufacturers. When interested please click here for more information.

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