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Polyurethane (PUR)

Our trusted adhesive supplier Fartack has developed a PUR Hotmelt adhesive most suitable for the lamination of Yongsinyi acrylics. After rigorous testing, we believe this PUR Hotmelt to provide the outstanding quality for our clients and their clients. YS QM1020 is moisture-reactive polyurethane (PU) hot melt adhesive. It is formulated to provide high tack and fast strength development upon application at molten state.

After the crosslinking reaction, the glue exhibits much better physical properties than non-reactive adhesives. This product is the one part system compared to the two parts system, solvent-based or waterbased products that can provide more convenient operation and rapid productivity.

Please inquire with us when interested.


  1. 100% solids, solvent-free adhesive.
  2. Low operational temperature, around 90 – 130°C.
  3. One component system, crosslinked with moisture.
  4. Aggressive green strength.
  5. Good adhesion on PVC, PET, PMMA, PC, ABS and wood substrates.
  6. Good water-proof resistance.
  7. Good reliability.
  8. Open time reaching 5-10 mins (varying from glue weight, substrates, and environment).
  9. The softening point of curing PUR up to 140°C (According to ASTM method).
  10. Good machining performance.


  1. YS DB4503 is a 100% solids, high cleaning efficiency, and environmental, friendly cleanerd
  2. YS DB4503 designed for flushing and neutralizing moisture curing PU adhesives out of roller systems at daily work. 
  3. It has good compatibility to most types of moisture curing PU adhesives.
  4. Varying from PU Adhesives, it is strongly recommended that the reasonable checks are needed before the on-line use. 
    If there are any issues while using this product, please contact our technical sales staff.

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