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Extruded Sheets

A sheet is distinguished from a film by its thickness: anything over 0.25-mm is considered sheet. The process closely resembles cast film extrusion. The thinner sheet is typically thermoformed into trays, clamshells, cups or bowls, whereas thick sheet may be used for signage, refrigerator liners and truck bed liners.

Common sheet extrusion materials include high-density polyethylene, polystyrene, and ABS. The sheet can be produced in either single or multi-layer formats.

1. Impact Resistance Sheet

Item:Impact Resistance Sheet
Color:Customizing color
Material:Impact resistance acrylic
Standard Thickness:1.0mm- 2.5mm
MOQ Standard Colors:
Specification:UV stabilized, strong weatherability, impact resistance
ApplicationsAuto Parts

2. ABS Sheet / Embossed Sheet

Item:ABS Sheet / Embossed Sheet
Color:15 standard colors and Customizing color
Material:Impact resistance acrylic
Standard Thickness:1.0mm- 2.5mm
Length:2440mm-2550mm, Customization
Width:1220mm, 1320mm
Features:single layer (ABS+PMMA)
Specification:UV stabilized
Applicationsbuilding material, Vacuum forming application, auto parts