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About us


The source of your quality kitchen.

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Company Overview

YongSinYi Co., Ltd was founded in 1989. Our business is located in Kaohsiung, South-Taiwan and is devoted to producing quality products and customer success. With many years of experience in the kitchen manufacturing industry, we built a customer portfolio with customers from Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other countries. Some of our clients produce for the middle eastern and western markets

Because of our ability to generate unique and creative solutions to complex interior design problems, YSY has worked closely with manufacturers to develop new products. Some of the new products have been used for “one-time” custom projects while others have become part of our standard product offerings.
YSY is commited to delivering the highest quality of products, through quality control technologies, competitive pricing, and personal client contact, we strive for perfection in service and product.

Quality Policy

YSY strives for quality products, through QC & RD technologies and the application process for ISO9001 Certification. 


To be a quality extrusion manufacturer who works closely with its customers, contributing to a sound kitchen experience.

How to find us

Phone: +886 7 611 6666
Email: info@yongsinyi.com.tw
Visitor Address(Just 30 minutes from Kaohsiung Int. Airport)
101 Yuliao Road Ciaotou Kaohsiung 82544 Taiwan